Our culturally sensitive healthcare literacy sessions are led by highly trained medical professionals and focuses on one or more of the Seven Health Pillars: Diabetes/Obesity, Hypertension/Cardiovascular Disease, COPD, Chronic Kidney Disease, Aging/Dementia/Depression/Dying, HIV/AIDS, Cancer Screening.  UHIP's health literacy programs are provided in a variety of community settings:


  • Community Based "Health Literacy Trainings" (taught at local churches, community centers, health fairs, senior centers, barber shops, hair salons, schools, treatment facilities, etc.) designed to promote self-advocacy for our clients to obtain a healthier lifestyle
  • Programs designed to serve adults age 18 and older, the elderly, and other at risk populations which include the uninsured, under-insured
  • Small Group “Health Talks” focusing on a specific health topic of importance to the community (that can include as needed Smoking Cessation and Stress Management Support)
  • “Ask the Doctor” meetings where you can ask our providers any health related questions and get a clear cut answer
  • Sunday morning health talks from the pulpit (at various local house of worship congregations)
  • Nutrition and Weight Management Seminars/Workshops
    • “Biggest Looser” weight loss programs promoting health, physical fitness and nutritional guidance.
    • Hands-On Healthier Cooking classes with a professional chef instructor
    • Medication management and medication interaction workshops
  • "Community Leaders Series" Health Care Education 101 for the Common-Man/Woman” - focusing on the Seven Health Pillars taught in conjunction with  local college campuses
  • Access to primary and preventive healthcare services provided by a team of highly medical trained professionals.  These services include coordination of health care treatment and management plans and the provision of appropriate patient referrals
  • No co-payments, No co-Insurance, or deductibles for medical services
  • A growing network of outreach service locations

Services are available in the greater Northern New Jersey areas (based upon availability and scheduling)

Please call (973) 676-8447 or (973) 676-0599 for further information.


You can also email us at info@uhipnj.org