The CHOP Covid-19 Vaccination Program

Our program is a free mobile outreach vaccination service providing covid-19 and other select vaccines onsite in the community.  No stress of making office appointments and visits.

Vaccine Administration

We are now authorized and prepared to provide covid-19 vaccinations and booster shots from age 6 and older.

Locations for Service

We are a mobile outreach vaccination program bringing our services to where the need is identifiedied – adult living facilities, houses of worship, rehabilitation and treatment programs, etc.

Updating Vaccine Records

Our mobile records system is set up to immediately record and transmit your updated vaccination status to the state registry.


Use the schedules below as a general guide to determine how many total COVID-19 vaccine doses are recommended based on primary series product, age, and immune status. This schedule does not include clinical details necessary for administering COVID-19 vaccines. For clinical details, see the resources at the end of this document.


Our Mission

Getting you and your loved ones vaccinated in an expedited manner with the least intrusion on your daily lives. 

  • Covid-19 vaccines and boosters are safe, effective, and free 
  • Ensure your protection from Covid-19
  • Initial vaccination or booster will increase or “boost” your level of protection, which may have gone down since your last COVID-19 vaccine
  • Keep you and your family safe and healthy
  • Getting vaccinated will help to protect you and your loved ones as you gather throughout the year
  • Take away the stigmas associated with Covid-19 vaccine 
  • Prepare you for the future Covid-19
  • Vaccination helps prevent the spread of COVID-19 and protect your community

Areas of Expertise

Bringing healthcare to you/Homebound vaccination

Personalized Primary Care

Onsite follow-up testing

Convenient health screenings

This service is provided through grant funding awarded to the Community Health Outreach Program (CHOP) – partnering with Urban Healthcare Initiative Program (UHIP) as a subgrantee to provide Covid-19 health literacy training services in connection to their medical service delivery.

Our Team

Carolina Paula

Coordinator Covid-19 Vaccination Team cpaula@salernomedical.com

Syndey Stuart

Supervisor Covid-19 Vaccination Team

Evrans Lamour-Munoz

UHIP Team  Supervisor CHW elamour-munoz@uhipnj.org

Michael Rodriguez

UHIP Team  Community Health Worker

Maia Archer


Community Health Worker

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