Denise Peroune, PhD., Executive Director

Dr. Denise L. Peroune joined the Urban Healthcare Initiative Program in 2022 as Executive Director.

 As a former chief operations officer of the Mary Eliza Mahoney Health Center (Newark), Dr. Peroune has significant public health experience. From 2015 to 2021, she chaired the Grants Research and Evaluation Group (GREG) of the Department of Health and Community Wellness (Newark) managing the health department’s grant application process. She also brings to UHIP significant marketing experience in academia as well as the private sector.

 As Executive Director, UHIP, Dr. Peroune aims to uphold and expand the UHIP legacy of meeting individuals where they are with timely, relevant and accessible healthcare information. She is committed to building an innovative, outcomes-driven program that reaches those most in need.

 Dr. Peroune has a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad, a graduate diploma in international relations from the Institute of International Relations, Trinidad, and a master’s in human resource development and administration and a Ph.D. in leadership and education with a specialization in human resource development from Barry University, Miami Shores, Florida.

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