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Barbershop/Beauty Salon Health Talks

Everything is discussed in a barbershop/beauty salon. Why not Health? Learn from our healthcare professionals.

Aging In The Home

Health Talk for Seniors and Caregivers focused on identifying resources and services available for advanced aged patients to age in place in their own home.

Man-Up Men's Group Workshop

Special lecture series focusing on the healthcare needs of men. Focused on promoting colorectal cancer and prostate cancer screenings.

Diabetes Pit Crew - Your Team

Developing an organized approach to care management. To Improve adherence to diet, exercise and medication self-management.

Healthy Cooking Workshop

“Healthier Cooking Class” with a professional chef focusing on cooking culturally sensitive meals for particular health conditions.

Medication Management

Each participant brings in prescribed medications (as well as herbal supplements) for one-on-one review with a licensed pharmacist.

House of Worship Health Talks

10-minute Health Talks by a medical provider from the Sunday morning pulpit on medical issues relevant to the community /congregation. Serving all Faiths.

Advance Directive/Living Wills

Provide onsite workshop with professional panel members (pastor, physician, lawyer, social worker) – importance of End-of-Life planning.

The Medical Visit and Self-Advocacy

Discussing how to self-advocate during you medical visit. Asking questions about what you don’t understand, i.e., Why this treatment? Why this medication and all of those What Ifs….???

Ask The Doctor

Physician provides a 15-minute health talk on topic of importance, then opening the floor for all to ask any medically-related question.

Advance Directive/Living Wills

Provide on-site workshop with professional panel members (pastor, physician, lawyer, social worker – importane of End of Life planning

Community Health Leaders 101

Training 20 to 25 community residents per arranged series of classes as “change agents,” covering a wide range of health topics. Teaching to recognize health concerns in those close to you. Get them into care.


UHIP programs are designed to serve adults age 18 and older, the elderly, and other at-risk populations including the uninsured and under-insured. Our culturally sensitive healthcare literacy sessions are led by highly-trained medical professionals and focus on one or more of the Seven Health Pillars:

Diabetes/Obesity, Hypertension/Cardiovascular Disease, COPD, Chronic Kidney Disease, Aging/Dementia/Depression/End of Life, HIV/AIDS, and Cancer Screenings.

Health Talks/Lecture Series/Workshops

Purpose of Sessions: Improve disease and non-disease-state awareness, and develop patients’ ability to listen, analyze medical care information, and play a more active role in their healthcare decisions. Through improved culturally sensitive knowledge the goal is to improve clinical outcomes for our patient populations.


“I am grateful for the efforts provided by the UHIP and CHOP staff to our church. Since its inception, UHIP has helped to inform and transform lives by addressing the 7 Health Pillars that affect our community.”

Reverend Dana P. Owens: Pastor

 Messiah Baptist Church, East Orange, New Jersey

“UHIP and its current initiative for providing quality outreach health education training services within our community and congregation is greatly needed.”

Francis J. Dixon, Executive Director

New Hope Now Community Development Corp., Newark, New Jersey

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