Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is based on the belief that “Everyone is Entitled to Quality Healthcare.” 

UHIP is a non-profit, community-based urban health literacy provider founded in 2010. UHIP reaches into local mainstays of the community such as churches, service programs, barbershops, and community centers with its mission to educate inner-city residents about health issues affecting their lives. UHIP promotes increased preventive care knowledge, regular medical screenings, and a greater access to healthcare services for individuals who may have difficulties navigating medical systems. By increasing individuals’ healthcare knowledge UHIP strives to equips community members to become their own self-advocates. “Knowledge is Power”

Our Goals

Educate Our Community

Utilizes basic health literacy training and patient-centered health care strategies to improve outcomes for health problems directly affecting our communities.

Eduate Second Responders

Educate Second Responders (barbers, beauticians, church members, family members, friends, etc.) to see warning signs of a potential health problem before it becomes critical and get you into care.

Teach Self Advocacy

During a doctor’s visit, teach patients to ask questions for what you don’t understand. Why are you putting me on this treatment plan? What is this pill for? What happens if I don’t take this pill or go for that test? What are my options?

Good Health

Promote a healthier living life style which includes daily exercise, healthy diet, good sleep habits, regular medical checkups, etc.. Learning to treat your body as well as you treat your car.

Help Globally

Expand the concepts of UHIP to other programs in an effort to a broaden the audience in our global community

Provide Outreach Services

Taking our services and programs onsite where the community congregates, churches, barbershops, beauty parlors, community events recreational centers, health fairs, education centers, etc.

Become a Volunteer and join us!

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Meet our Amazing Team!

Administrative Team

Denise Peroune, PhD

Denise Peroune, PhD

Executive Director

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Kelvin Roberson

Kelvin Roberson

Community Outreach Liaison

As the community face of UHIP he is responsible for building community relationships, identifying and establishing new UHIP community service opportunities.

Frank Jordan

Frank Jordan

Grants Management/Media Admin

Management of funding development, social media and website development. 

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